An Innovative Approach to Cardiac Recovery

Recora is an innovative exercise care and cardiac rehabilitation provider. Our services build off of extensive evidence supporting the benefits of home-based cardiac rehabilitation and clinical guidelines for the provision of exercise therapy. Click on any section below to learn more.

Recora recently published its innovative approach in a JAMA Health Forum perspective.

What is cardiac recovery and who is it for?

Studies show the majority of US patients do not participate in even a single session.

Cardiac rehabilitation is indicated following a heart attack, heart surgery (stent placement, coronary artery bypass surgery, or valvular surgery) as well as for patients who chronically manage congestive heart failure or stable angina. Typical cardiac rehabilitation programs include a few components: aerobic exercise training, nutritional counseling, disease education, psychosocial support, and (if applicable) tobacco cessation. A full course includes 36 supervised aerobic exercise sessions, but cost, transportation, and wait times are often challenges to completing this course. Cardiac benefits and reduced rehospitalizations can be observed after as few as 12 sessions.

What’s the impact?

Engaging with cardiac rehabilitation can result in myriad benefits.

These programs have been demonstrated to reduce mortality, reduce all-cause hospitalizations, improve health-related quality of life, reduce cardiovascular risk factors (blood pressure, high cholesterol), and improve perceived social support.

How is Recora effective?