Re · cor · a

Recora is derived from cor (“heart” in Latin) and “Re” - evoking recovery so that individuals can get back to health again.

Why Recora?

Over the past few years, we noticed a trend across our patients. They were asking for better home-based exercise and wellness options, but didn’t know where to start or were afraid to involve their physician. Recora was founded in 2020 with the vision of bridging these gaps, beginning with heart health.


Recovering from a hospitalization or chronic health condition can be challenging. Our recovery experience is designed to integrate into an individual’s life at home.

A Personalized Care Plan

Recora builds confidence through live individual and group sessions with our clinical team.

Support Through It All

By cultivating a safe, convenient, and supportive environment for exercise and wellness, Recora truly is the whole-person platform for recovery.